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Top Career Skills You Have to Learn in 2021

Businesses have been undergoing vast digital transformations in recent years, even before the pandemic began. From retail to food, nearly every industry has adopted some form of digitization in their operations. In fact, the World Economic Forum notes that the combined value of digital transformation across industries could reach around $100 trillion by 2025. Of course, shifting […]

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Is There Work Out There?

  Are you wondering if there’s scoping work “out there”? Here’s a recent Conversation on ISS Facebook Page: Christine asked a question : Has anyone else noticed the huge uptick in reporters looking for scopists on the job boards! Linda YES!! It’s crazy!  Darcy Yes! It sounds like things are getting back to normal. Christine Wow. […]

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I know it’s scary to go from a 9-to-5 job to having to make your own success, but there IS work out there. I just wanted to share the good news! Read the following testimonials from our Facebook pages (and, as always, you can always reach out to me for more information): Renee – I’ve […]

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ScopeSchool A heart with the latest CATalyst update.

New Case CATalyst update to version 21

Case CATalyst® Version 21 is available to download now! If you’re covered by EDGE, you’re entitled to this update: just click Help, Check for Updates.   You are going to love the new enhancements!

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For those of you who are considering taking the ISS training, I wanted to let you know that I was contacted by a firm owner over the weekend who is interested in hiring several scopists. She wants to fill the positions with ISS grads!  When you have a thorough training course, and the grads have […]

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When Does Inspiration Hit You?

When does Inspiration HIT You? When creativity hits you, you HAVE to run with it. Sometimes it is at the weirdest times (who else gets inspiration in the shower?!?), but those ideas that just HIT you are the best! When do you get your best inspiration? Have you been thinking about working from home?  Get inspired today […]

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Start Your Day Off Right!

Routines to Create Your BEST Morning!There are a number of health benefits such as better mental health, lower stress levels, increased energy, and improved sleep quality when you have a daily routine. “Having a healthy routine is what sets you apart and allows you to achieve the things you want easier and faster.” ~ A […]

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Word Review: tonsorial

Tonsorial Definition:  . . .of or relating to a barber or the work of a barber tonsorial – adjective | tahn-SOR-ee-ul Example:Jacob was very good at tonsorial work.  I posted this because I thought it probably had to do with tonsils! Tonsils is a noun, while tonsorial is an adjective.  Even though we might think the two go […]

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50 Words You Hear Every Day. Do You Know What They Mean?

VernacularHow you’ve heard it: “If you knew the definition of every word on this list, then you must have an impressive grasp on the English vernacular.”What it means: If you’re dialed into the lingo of your home country, then it’s likely that you are familiar with the country’s vernacular, or common tongue. As a scopist, I love words.  I […]

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5 Myths About Court Reporting

Did you know the court reporting profession has been around for centuries? (Yep! There are historical records from back during the Roman empire!) And, as you can imagine, with a career that has existed for that many years, there have been HUGE improvements made on the process. Along with a lot of myths surrounding it as […]

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