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Do you want to learn how it’s possible to make the same amount of money as the average college degree holder in 75% less time while spending 80-90% less money for the education you need to get there?

If you’re a smart but bored stay-at-home parent with excellent word skills who wants to earn a substantial extra income for your family…

…or an undervalued and underchallenged office worker looking for a lucrative home-based business and a lot more freedom in life…

…and you’re tired of wasting your valuable time sifting through useless online courses that may get you all excited but in the end offer you nothing of real value…

 Keep reading.

If you’re like me and hate the idea of having to spend the best part of every day breathing recirculated air in a windowless cubicle for a soulless corporation that couldn’t care less about you or your family, keep reading.

Learning to scope could be your ticket out.

Hi! I'm Linda Evenson.

Want to know more about me and how it all started? You can read [a lot!] more about me on my About page.

I’m the creator of Internet Scoping School and a professional scopist with over 35 years of experience.

In 1997 I saw a major need within the industry of court reporting for more skilled, experienced scopists. Court reporters were drowning in work and needed more help, there just weren’t enough good scopists to go around, and the few training courses available left a lot to be desired. Well, after a lot of thought and some [very!] hard work, Internet Scoping School was born!

Internet Scoping School first opened in 1999 and has a proven track record for producing successful, competent scopists. Over 650 students have enrolled in my program since its inception and, with the help of my school, they were able to find work — some of them even immediately after graduation.

What is Scoping?

Scoping — also known as editing for court reporters — is an in-demand career in the growing profession of court reporting. As a scopist, you get to apply your knack for words and language to help court reporters create a sparkling finished product — an error-free transcript. You save them valuable time and help them earn more money — while you earn money, too.

Scopists get paid to edit court and deposition transcripts. These transcripts are first generated by court reporters, also called court stenographers, who use CAT (Computer-Aided Transcription) software to translate the steno language into English.

A scopist needs to be able to read steno — a shorthand language built around phonetics — and be able to use CAT software to correct errors such as “here” versus “hear” or “there” versus “their.” A scopist may also need to fill in missing words by checking the transcript against the recorded proceeding or check and correct the spelling of certain words and names that didn’t get translated properly. This job requires a lot of online research, which makes it an excellent career if you’re a closet Google addict like me.

Never heard of scoping before? Click here to learn why.

Just how much can a scopist earn?

Some particularly hard-working students have been able to earn between $30,000 and $50,000 per year — sometimes even more — all using their own skill, and all from wherever they want to work.

If you’re well trained, you’re virtually guaranteed to make a solid income as a scopist. Excellent scopists are in high demand by busy court reporters. Internet Scoping School offers the most comprehensive education and lifetime support system available — along with excellent business-building and marketing content — which you just won’t find in other school or courses with less-experienced instructors.

You’ll never get bored. Scoping is both interesting and mentally challenging work without being draining. Unlike traditional 9-to-5 jobs, you won’t find yourself so exhausted from scoping that you don’t have the energy for your family and for your personal pursuits.

No legal experience? No worries.

That’s why ISS exists. You don’t need any previous legal training or experience to become a very successful scopist. Everything you need to know is included in the course curriculum. In fact, as you progress through the course, you’ll gain actual scoping experience editing real court transcripts from our extensive database. Furthermore, your skills will continually improve as you receive constructive feedback from me — a successful scopist with 35 years of experience.


Internet Scoping School is not for lazy or unmotivated people.

It would be a waste of money for such folks.

For motivated people, Internet Scoping School offers a solid opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge you need to make a very nice living working from home on your own schedule.

Scoping isn’t easy, and it’s also not a quick way to “get rich,” so if you’re looking for an easy scheme or a lazy way to earn money without any skill, you’re on the wrong website. Sayonara!

Why an Online Program? Why Not Just Go to a Local School and Get a Degree?

The answer is simple: “Ordinary” jobs have become ridiculously hard to get.

In fact, the traditional job market is so competitive right now that many human resource departments actually receive hundreds or even thousands of applications for a single office position paying $11-$14 an hour. What’s worse is that many of these job applicants are college graduates who recently spent tens of thousands of dollars on a degree and are now willing to work for peanuts just to get their foot in the door.

The availability of eager college graduates willing to be paid peanuts makes it easy for employers to find cheap labor and tough for anyone to advance to a higher paying job in the company — no matter how skilled, how loyal, or how motivated you are.  You can dedicate your whole life to that company, even taking work home at night and sacrificing time with your family, yet you may still never advance! It’s deflating to say the least.

The Crippling Conundrum of Education Debt

Probably the worst part about the job situation in our nation is the debt. Those same college grads willing to work for peanuts have amassed huge piles of it. Your average two- and four-year programs these days have a funny way of wrangling you into paying tens of thousands of dollars and spending years of your life learning the theory of how to do a job, but they really falter in teaching you how to get a job. I’m talking about the marketing and business-building aspects of establishing a new career. Many programs leave this completely out and you’re left to fend for yourself.

So let’s break this down. First, you spend tons of money for a degree to learn how to do a job; then you get zero help finding a job with a company that will actually pay you; and then, if you’re able to find a job, working for that company may require you to make a 30- to 60-minute commute each way and spend the best 9 hours of your day at a desk.

And for all of this, you don’t even earn enough to pay off the debt you accumulated just to be able to work for them in the first place.

It truly is crippling.

But that’s where Internet Scoping School shines brightest.

For a teeny-tiny fraction of the cost of a two- or four-year degree program — or even a one-year degree program — you can get the same high-quality education and, in many cases, an even higher earning potential than someone with an expensive-but-relatively-powerless degree.

You also get to complete your training and do the work wherever and whenever you want. No more dependency on a corporation to pay you.

You’re in charge now.


But don’t I need a degree?

No, you don’t need a degree. If you work for yourself instead of a company, whether or not you have a degree doesn’t matter. In scoping, what does matter is your skill. Court reporters want to hire a scopist who can get the job done and done well — so they shine for their own clients.

The demand is there. The earning potential is there. The flexibility is there. If you add in the skill, you’ve got sustainable income on your terms. Want more money? Snag some new clients! Internet Scoping School is here to show you how.

Cindy started from scratch and is now one of the busiest scopists in the country. 


Scoping can be done from anywhere in the world as long as you have a computer and a reliable Internet connection.

This is a huge deal. When most Americans are chained to a desk working for peanuts, scopists have freedom and flexibility.

Think about what that means for a moment.

Suppose the kids are out of school for three weeks during the holidays, and you want to take them on an extended trip to visit the grandparents. With a regular job, it would be nearly impossible to take that much time off, let alone get paid for it! However, as a scopist, your job is completely flexible and travel-friendly. Just pack your laptop and ask the grandparents for the Wi-Fi password (or find a public Wi-Fi area) and you’re making money while on vacation.

Working as a scopist allows you that kind of freedom.


 Freedom and Flexibility:
Plain and Simple

The scopist lifestyle means…
  • No daily commute.
  • No coworkers will give you the evil eye if you want to play soft music while you work.
  • You can set the thermostat to what makes you feel most comfortable.
  • You can open a window if you want or even walk outside any time you want.
  • You can even take a two- or even three-hour lunch without fear of reprimand! OH, happy day!
  • You can put your desk wherever you want. 
  • If you need to stop early for the day, run an errand, or make a personal phone call, you can do it at any time without asking the boss for permission.

It’s all up to you.

As long as you produce quality work and meet your deadlines, your schedule is completely flexible.

Scoping isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got excellent word skills and a great work ethic, you can build a lifestyle around it that most people will only ever dream of.

No, it’s not a no-stress job, and it can get crazy, but when you’re in charge and can build your own schedule and work from anywhere you want, it is low stress. 

Let’s revisit those college degree holders for a sec.

(The ones up to their eyeballs in debt? Yes, those college degree holders.)

The average cost of a 4-year college education at a public university is between $18,400 on the extremely low end and $51,800 on the high end, just for tuition, and that’s only the cost IF you live in-state. Books and supplies are extra, and the tuition cost skyrockets if you’re from out of state.

This hefty price tag continues to escalate at an alarming rate each year.

And what does a new college graduate get for all this money? Well, if they’re lucky enough to find a job in this tight job market, they may make a whopping $15 an hour for an entry-level position. See this link for average hourly rates for bachelor-degree holders.

For the enormous expense of the education, the earning potential of $15 per hour isn’t worth the crushing debt.

What most college graduates end up earning is hardly enough to afford rent, much less buy a house, raise children and/or have pets and live a reasonably comfortable life.  

Why all this talk about the cost of education, Linda?!

Because I know you’re going to ask me how much it costs to take my program, and before I tell you, I want you to have a solid perspective of what hundreds of thousands of people are already paying for education — and understand that for all that money, most of them end up with entry-level jobs and mountains of debt.

I want you to see that I’m offering much more value than that. 

I want you to see that compared to the ridiculous amount of money people pay for education, Internet Scoping School is a steal.

Learn to Scope from Home Instead!

(A Refreshing Alternative to Decades of Debt)

For one price — that is a tiny fraction of what most people spend on their education — ISS offers the most comprehensive course on everything you need to know to become a scopist:

  • An easy-to-use online platform equipped with the latest technology — and no broken/old links or outdated information!
  • How to read steno notes — you get 60 levels of lessons plus a practice workbook with drills for each lesson.
  • How to punctuate, capitalize, spell, and choose words correctly — the rules are different in court reporting than you may have learned in school.

That’s the theory side of things. What about the hands-on practice? We’ve got you covered.

  • How to produce a transcript.

  • Training on how to set up and use the profession’s most widely used computer-aided transcription software, Case Catalyst — and we teach you from the scopist’s perspective. Some schools include “lessons” on software that literally tell you to read the user’s manual. Not ISS.

  • Practical experience using dozens of real transcripts

That’s the hands-on practice side of things. What about actually building your business?

  • MARKETING! Step-by-step how-to’s on how to start your own home-based business. Training on how to market successfully and find clients. We teach you what you need to do to be proactive about client acquisition — no more sitting and waiting for work!
  • More than four hours of video tutorials on how to use LinkedIn to build your business. This is NOT OFFERED by any other scoping course.
  • Step-by-step guide on setting up an effective website — you need so much more than a directory listing that search engines will never find.
  • Information on how to deal with accounting and self-employment taxes.
  • How to easily incorporate your business.
  • How to invoice and bill with ease.

What about extra help when you need it? Yep, we’ve still got you covered!

  • Checkpoint exams at the end of every section that will be checked by our instructors.
  • An active online community of ISS students and graduates who are there 24/7 for practical and moral support.
  • EASY access to us for any questions you have
  • Lifetime updates. This means as our content grows, you grow right along with it. We’ll never ask you to pay again if you take longer than a year to complete the training.

You will have all the training, resources, and ongoing support you will need to get as much scoping work as you want.

But that’s not even the best part. 

You’ll also have access to me, the most experienced scoping instructor you’ll find out there on the web. 

I’ve got more than 35 years of scoping experience: that’s more than 65,000 hours of scoping experience under my belt that you will benefit from — and that’s on top of my teaching experience! Compare that to other schools whose instructors had only just begun to scope and immediately started teaching. 

You’ll be learning from the best when you choose ISS.


What’s it Going to Cost to Enroll in ISS?

You’re probably thinking that a fully comprehensive scoping course with lifetime support would cost some outrageous price, right?


Not even close.

The full tuition at Internet Scoping School plus all of your equipment still costs 87% LESS than the cheapest four-year degree in the United States. 

Even the cheapest degree still takes four years and costs approximately 19,000 smackeroos.

ISS can be completed in 75% less time. We also offer ridiculously generous quick-start options and flexible payment plans.

Even after adding in software costs, you’re still scoring yourself a 79% discount — just by choosing scoping over a degree program to build your skills.

It also takes far less TIME than a degree program… with a similar earning potential.

The self-paced program usually takes a minimum of six months to complete. Some students take less time or more time.

With your training, software, textbooks, and all other startup costs, you’re looking at an all-inclusive total cost of under USD 4500 when all is said and done

Before you scoff at the amount, think about it (and remember we offer generous payment plans):

This is an incredibly low all-inclusive cost compared to the tuition-only cost of a four-year degree, but you still end up with a comparable earning potential of $30,000 to $50,000 per year — without the mountain of debt to pay off before you can enjoy it.


You Recoup Your Investment Quickly

Such a low tuition cost means that within just a few months of work, that entire all-inclusive cost can be recouped completely.
Compare that to making student loan payments for several decades.

Just ask Jeanie.
Jeanie chose ISS -- and it changed her life.


Another advantage to choosing ISS? 
We offer payment plans to fit every budget... so you can start changing your life now -- not later.

Choose your Payment Plan

* -- As long as we are able to process your monthly payment each month, your enrollment is active. If your card is declined, your course access is revoked immediately until payment can be processed.

** -- For the security of our content, students will not be allowed access to the final portion of the course (marketing) until the full course fee has been paid and the other sections completed. Students have the option to pay off their plan early to gain access to the final section earlier. 

What's NOT Included?

CAT software. We have secured a discount for ISS students through Stenograph, the creators of CaseCatalyst. The software costs USD 1495 and is tax deductible. It is not necessary to purchase the software until you reach the point in the course when you need it. It is NOT necessary to purchase software before enrolling. 

Textbooks are also not included in the tuition fee. We recommend Marge Wakeman's Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation and Medical Terminology for Court Reporters. These can also be purchased over time. We provide links to get the best price.

How ISS Compares 
to Other Scoping Schools

We developed this handy comparison chart not to sling mud but to show you the stark differences between ISS and two other online scoping courses.

Don't just compare prices! Before you choose a scoping school, read the fine print to find out what you are (or in this case, aren't!) getting with the other guys.

Not only does ISS offer the most complete, up-to-date and effective scoping training on Earth, we also offer flexible, accessible, and affordable options you won't find anywhere else.

No other scoping course offers lifetime access to updates and support -- ISS does. We will never, ever ask you to pay your tuition more than once.


You can start immediately for just USD 197 with no commitment -- and you can lower your monthly payments even further.

If you're on the fence and just aren't ready to commit to one of our payment plans until you've tried our system for yourself, Scoping Fundamentals™ is our way of extending our payment options one step further.

How do Scoping Fundamentals™ Discounted Payment Plans Work?

First, for USD 197, you get access to the Scoping Fundamentals™ portion of our course, which includes the following:

  • 21 unit lessons designed to get your feet wet in the scoping profession
  • 9 interactive quizzes to test your comprehension
  • A 100-question Word Skills Test to gauge your readiness for scoping
  • A 25-page PDF of your test results designed to guide you in identifying areas you'll need to focus on as you continue your studies. A score below 80% on this exam indicates you should not continue as a scopist. Score low? We just saved you a lot of money.
  • Lifetime access to our Internet Scoping School Facebook group where you can chat with both other students and experienced scopists (and me!)
  • If you choose to enroll in the full course, you can use your Scoping Fundamentals™ tuition to make your monthly payments even lower than our standard payment plans (see the chart below!)

Scoping Fundamentals™ students get access to even lower monthly payment options.

As a Scoping Fundamentals™student, you get to make the rules.

Try it out and love it? Apply it to the full course and lower your payments.

Try it out and hate it? You walk away. At least you tried.

Here's how enrolling in Scoping Fundamentals™ makes choosing Internet Scoping School a no-brainer: We have multiple Payment Plans to choose from!

You'll choose your discounted payment plan after you enroll in Scoping Fundamentals™.

Here's a closer look at what's included in Scoping Fundamentals™:

In Module 1, you'll dive deep into the world of scoping (and get cool bonuses):

In Module 2, you'll focus on the word skills necessary for scoping, followed by the Word Skills Test:

Sharon chose ISS and experienced these results:


You didn’t really think we’d just teach you to scope, did you?
You already know: Internet Scoping School offers more.
ISS students also get bonus content exclusive to ISS — that means you won’t find it in any other scoping course — and you get it as soon as you enroll in Scoping Fundamentals™.

BONUS #1: A comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to build an effective website for your business -- fast and on the cheap.

BONUS #2: The Ultimate Freelancer Tax Guide, an 80-page guide by Caitlin Pyle: expert freelancer, marketer, and self-employed entrepreneur.

BONUS #3: The Look Better in Writing™ Handbook of Commonly Misused Words. This clickable, searchable guide is designed to help you bolster your ability to use words correctly everytime every time.

A bonus on top of a bonus: This guide comes with a 100-question worksheet and key to test your word-use skills.

(The value of these bonuses alone is worth enrolling!)

You'll choose your discounted payment plan after you enroll in Scoping Fundamentals™.

You Get a Lifetime Support SystemWithout the Lifetime Costs

Even at a much lower cost, we still include lifetime support, lifetime curriculum updates — something degree programs and even other scoping schools don’t offer.

How to find clients is thoroughly covered. We offer an extensive marketing module to ensure you have everything you need to not just do the work, but to get the work and build a successful business.

Although they may beat us in price, other scoping programs can’t even come close in value, quality, and support. You get what you pay for with cheaper programs.

In the case of ISS, you’ll get much more than what you pay for. That’s just the way we do things.

You will acquire the practical skills you will need to become a very successful scopist without incurring the debt of a traditional education program. This bears repeating. Why? Imagine starting your career off with NO student debt. Every penny you make is yours to do with as you please. THAT is an excellent start for success.

But that’s not the only benefit awaiting prospective ISS students…

You’ll also get:

  • Personalized feedback on hand-graded tests after every course section,
  • unlimited and lifetime access to our support forum,
  • a boost in marketability that comes with graduating from the scoping school that’s been around the longest,
  • and unlimited LIFETIME access to all course updates.

That last one is what blows every traditional education program out of the water.

This is the only course you’ll need for the rest of your career. This is BIG. Why? Because it guarantees that you’ll stay at the forefront of the ever-evolving profession of court reporting AND keep you relevant in the field.

Choosing high-quality online education means that for a fraction of the cost of what most people pay for education, you get a reliable, proven pathway to earn a competitive full- or part-time income that will help you pay off debt quicker, spend more time with your family, and build your dream life.

8 Clear Reasons ISS is the Best Choice in Scoping Education 

There are other “schools” out there with “programs” claiming to teach you “scoping.” And you know what? You might learn how to scope. But beneath the surface, there are major flaws and critical elements missing from these other programs.

One thing we have in common with other schools is that we don’t guarantee you’ll make an income just by enrolling. 

…but that’s about the only thing we have in common with other schools. 

These reasons make it obvious that ISS is clearly the best choice for your scoping training.

Reason #1: ISS is the First and the Best Online Scoping School

That's right! We were the first online scoping school -- and we’re the most respected online scoping course available. As a veteran in the industry, I’m well respected as an expert by my peers, and my articles are regularly published in the Journal of Court Reporting.

Internet Scoping School means something in the world of court reporting: Our name is industry-renowned!

Reason #2: ISS Students Have a Higher Rate of Success

ISS students have an exceptionally high rate of success compared with students who take other scoping courses.

The two biggest reasons for this are the wide variety of practice materials and that ISS offers UNLIMITED LIFETIME SUPPORT.

We actively keep in touch with our students, answering questions as they arise and giving professional advice that allows our students to be highly successful. In fact, many of our students have risen to the top of the field and now regularly contribute their expertise to professional journals.

What's the point in paying for education if you don't have ALL the tools needed to succeed?

Reason #3: We Offer Unmatched Community Support

ISS offers very active private groups with other ISS students and graduates. In this way, ISS students immediately become part of a supportive and highly knowledgeable community that continually helps each other out. The value of this type of community is priceless and one of the top reasons our students are so successful!

Reason #4: We Offer Scopist-Specific Software Training with the ISS Hands-On Approach

Most other scoping courses simply tell you the CAT software you need to be familiar with and give you a link to the manual.

Seriously? Yes; seriously. Don’t pay for that.

See, the manual was written for court reporters, not scopists.

We will never tell you to read the manual for your software -- instead, we rewrote the entire thing to be relevant and helpful specifically for scopists. 

We offer full, scopist-specific training on the latest version of Case Catalyst, the most widely used CAT software. During this training, you get real court transcripts generated by CaseCat software and actually show you firsthand the "tricks of the trade."

When you’re ready, you’ll edit real transcripts using the software. Actually scoping is the most effective way to learn how to be a great scopist. It's a hands-on approach under the guidance of instructors with a vast amount of experience in scoping.

Reason #5: We Teach You Step-by-Step How to Get Clients

We know that for a scopist to earn a good income from scoping, they can’t just learn the basics.

You have to know how to do the work extremely well, and you have to know how to market your business to get scoping jobs.

You also need to know the basics of running a small business as an independent contractor.

Other scoping courses give you a lot of links to basic information on how to edit a court transcript and then basic information on how to actually run your business -- some of it is just links to other websites.

Seriously? Yes; again... seriously. Don’t pay for a "course" made up of recycled and broken links or outdated content. 

We take your education to the next level by going beyond the basics, and it pays off. Because we teach you exactly how to market yourself and land those first scoping jobs, a majority of our students get work the same week they graduate from ISS.

A scoping course should be more than just learning how to scope.

And that's exactly what ISS is: MORE.

You'll choose your payment plan after you enroll in Scoping Fundamentals™.

Reason #6: The Training is Self-Paced and Flexible

The training is 100% flexible. You work at your own pace and on your own schedule. If you want to work hard, get it done faster, and start making good money sooner, go for it! If you have other demands on your time, and you need to take longer, you can do that, too.

You don’t have to physically attend classes; you can do the training at your own pace, in your own time. If you need to wait until the kids are in bed and the house is quiet, no problem! If you need to only work on the course during the week when the kids are in school, no problem! If you have a job with a weird schedule and you need to work around that, no problem!

Reason #7:


This one is entirely unique to ISS. We don’t allow just anyone to take our courses. 

We’re in the business of producing the best scopists on the planet — the ones who do excellent work, secure great clients, and make a solid living. 

It’s not about how many students we can enroll. In fact, we limit our enrollments using our Word Skills Test within Scoping Fundamentals™. If you don’t pass the test, it’s likely a clear indicator you are not a good fit for scoping. Fewer students move on in the course because of this gateway, which keeps the quality of our students high.

We don’t want your money unless we know you can succeed. It’s peace of mind for you, and it boosts our reputation as the school that consistently trains high quality scopists. 

Reason #8:

ISS Offers LIFETIME Access and Support.

This one leaves other scoping schools in the dust.

We don't cut off your access after a year unless you re-enroll (yeah -- read the fine print!!).

With your full course fee, your access to ISS is permanent.

Know what that means? When the course is updated, you get updated too. When we add new training material or bonuses, you will get it included as well.

It's like getting FREE continuing education from scoping experts for life.

No one else offers that.

But… But… “Other” Scoping Courses are CHEAPER! Isn’t Cheaper BETTER?!

Yes, other scoping courses ARE cheaper.

But cheaper is not better. Going “cheap” means you risk paying for lower quality, outdated, not-nearly-as-thorough training that will not prepare you for the work as well as ISS can. You’ll pay less, but you’ll also get less, which can hurt your chances of finding work, performing the work well, and recouping your course fee.

So I can’t stop you from going cheap, but buyer beware!

ISS has been around longer than any other course. In fact, if you can say, “I’m a graduate of Internet Scoping School,” you have an immediate advantage in getting hired for scoping work.

We’re GLAD to not be the cheapest — because we include so much more than the cheaper schools. Our technology is modern; our training is scopist-specific; our expertise and support is unmatched. We don’t cut corners, and we are constantly improving and growing — and because you get lifetime access to updates, every time we grow, you grow!

If you complete the course and you work hard to master all the training, you are virtually guaranteed success. We can’t guarantee success without guaranteeing that you’ll take action, but we can guarantee you will have all the training, support, and resources you need to succeed. Make sense? Take our training, add in your dedication, plus real action-taking after you graduate, and you’ve got a proven recipe for success.

Remember — a good scopist can earn up to $50,000 per year — sometimes more — and they enjoy a highly flexible lifestyle. But you won’t get there unless you’re willing to work for it.

You'll choose your payment plan after you enroll in Scoping Fundamentals™.

Why You Should Choose ISS Now (Not Later)…

Don’t look back at your life a year from now and begrudgingly wish you’d made a change sooner. Don’t let fear of failure stand in your way of making a move that will finally help you create the life you want. Life is too short for that.

So if you’re at the point now where you are READY to get this done and make a major change, choose ISS to guarantee yourself the best training available and become a scopist as soon as possible.

Scoping is virtually recession-proof.

There will ALWAYS be court cases and depositions producing a never-ending supply of transcripts — even in the most economically depressed times. We’re a litigious society and have been since the late 1800s. Only a few professions are in a position where the work will always be plentiful, and scoping is one of them! If you ever do find your workload slowing down, you aren’t limited to your location and can seek more work to fill in the gaps.

For anyone who prefers a “desk job” but wants one without a leering boss and contentious coworkers, for anyone who loves words and wants freedom and flexibility in their work life, scoping is truly a no-brainer.

Internet Scoping School has been going strong for more than 17 years. During that time, we have helped over 650 single parents, stay-at-home moms, and entrepreneurial-minded individuals set themselves up for a lifetime of success.

You can set yourself up for a lifetime of success, too.