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Why is Case CATalyst the best scoping software?

Case CATalyst is the product of Stenograph Corporation, the oldest provider of CAT software in the profession — kind of like how Internet Scoping School is the oldest provider of online scoping education! While other companies have come and gone, Stenograph has survived, thrived, and grown a large, loyal community of users. In fact, ISS […]

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Can I take one section of the course at a time? Do I have to pay for sections I don’t need to take?

Internet Scoping School is set up so that you, the student, choose and purchase only the units that you need. To protect the integrity of the program, we do require testing out of punctuation, medical terminology*, and/or notereading before granting access to an abbreviated version of the course. Each test is $50, and should you […]

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What is the Word Skills Test? What if I get a low score on it?

The Word Skills Test is found at the end of our Industry Fundamentals™ portion of the course. We recommend anyone brand new to the court reporting and scoping world enroll in Industry Fundamentals™ before enrolling in our full course. It’s $197, requires no commitment to a payment plan, and you can apply the full price […]

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Does Internet Scoping School help me get clients?

Students are taught how to proactively market themselves within the course. Proactive means we do not teach you to sit there and wait for work to land in your lap, and no one hands you a job at the end, but we do teach you exactly how to find and secure as many clients as […]

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What kind of support will I receive as a student/graduate?

You will receive lifetime access to our student support group on Facebook where you will have access to not only me, but other students and ISS graduates (working scopists!). Lifetime support (and lifetime updates) is one major feature other scoping courses do not offer. Instead, they require re-enrollment and re-payment of tuition. ISS will never ask you to […]

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How long will the course take me to complete?

If you can put in 15-20 hours per week, you may be able to finish the course within about six months. How long it takes to finish depends heavily on your ability to digest and retain the material. As the most complete and thorough scoping course, we go into great depth in each section, and we teach a very thorough […]

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Why is ISS the best scoping course?

Why is ISS the best scoping course? That’s easy! Internet Scoping School is the best scoping course because it’s all-inclusive. So what’s included in the cost of our training course? Reduced price on Case CATalyst software key. Includes a year service contract and Audiosync capability. FREE access to all updates or bonuses that we add in the future. A […]

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Why the Internet? And does my type of internet connection matter?

  The Internet is a perfect venue for this type of course because it teaches computer skills from the beginning. You have to learn to access the Internet, download files, and use keyboarding skills in order to complete the course — these skills are invaluable as a scopist. The Internet gives students lifetime access to other experienced […]

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Is there any financial aid available?

There is currently no financial aid available through NCRA or ISS. We do offer 3-, 5-, 8- and 12-month payment plans which makes ISS the most financially accessible scoping course available. See our payment plans page for more details. If you qualify for rehab/retraining or Workforce Investment Act funding through your state, ISS is already a […]

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