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Start Your Day Off Right!

Routines to Create Your BEST Morning!

There are a number of health benefits such as better mental health, lower stress levels, increased energy, and improved sleep quality when you have a daily routine.

“Having a healthy routine is what sets you apart and allows you to achieve the things you want easier and faster.”

~ A Healthier You

  • Here is a look into what successful people do in the morning:

    Exercise: Whether it is running, yoga, weights, some type of physical activity.

    Meditation; including gratitude practice such as journaling, visualization, positive affirmation, or praying

    Eating breakfast

    Checking e-mails

    Reading; whether the newspaper or a book

One more thing to add (since this is a school ????), is to perhaps review homework or your assignments and, if you have time, to submit an assignment.

Below is an example of my morning routine:

What are some morning routines that get you up and at 'em and motivated for the day?

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