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Internet Scoping School Reviews — since 1999!

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Student Testimonials

DISCLAIMER: I’ve included email addresses for these testimonials, and I know some curious cats will want to reach out to these people. But I’ve been teaching since 1999, which was pretty much the dawn of the Internet as we know it today, and some — or even many! –of the email addresses probably don’t work anymore. Rest assured I’ve copied and pasted these exactly as they were written over the years — and good grief, I wouldn’t still be in business after 17 years if I wrote fake reviews!

Here we go…

If you’re looking for a comprehensive scoping course, you’ve come to the right place!

I am the first student to graduate from Linda’s Internet Scoping School. Linda was a great help in getting my scoping career started. She was always available to answer questions by e-mail.

I am very satisfied with the education the Internet Scoping School course provided me. The course is easy to understand and has the added benefit of being able to learn at your own pace. It is a very comprehensive course that provided the confidence to start my own business!

Thanks Linda and Cathy!
~Sharon Grasse —

I am one of the first ISS graduates and proud of it. The Internet Scoping School is a very comprehensive course. It not only teaches how to read steno and work with the software, it also provides the tools to start your own business and contact potential clients.

The course truly does allow you to work at your own pace. However, you will be encouraged to complete the course so you can start working as a scopist. Like anything, you get out of it what you put in, but this course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to start your at-home scoping business.

In addition, the support from Linda Evenson and the other students is invaluable, including referrals of reporters looking for a scopist. This course produces professionals.

~ Bonnie Manley

I took Linda’s Internet Scoping School and it took me approximately six months to complete the training, while I worked full-time, just as Linda advised. I am happy to say that I now am scoping full-time and loving it!!The course takes you through every inch of the scoping profession from how to run a business to the most important thing, which is reading steno. I value the knowledge and assistance that is offered by Linda, her support staff, and all of the current and past students of Linda’s course. Even though I graduated in 2002, I regularly check the forum for information and submit questions to which Linda and others have responded. I am truly impressed with the Internet Scoping School in that although you have graduated from the school, you are still allowed to access the forum and benefit from an enormous amount of information, such as job referrals, technical questions, marketing campaigns, and a group of professionals that are willing to assist. I highly recommend the Internet Scoping School and Linda Evenson for your scoping training. You will not be disappointed.

~ Tracy Davis

My experience with the Internet Scoping School has been fantastic! I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about entering the scoping field.

When I first decided to pursue this career, I checked into all of the educational opportunities and found this one the most suitable for many reasons.
First, the course is extremely thorough and detailed. The student learns not only the art of reading notes but how to zip and unzip files, how to manage them, as well as a complete knowledge of the Case Cat software program. Also included in the course is how to run your own business and manage your client base, which is very important when one is starting his own business. The course also offers many helpful tips throughout its entirety.

Secondly, there is a Graduates’ Page which, when you have finished the course, your name and bio will appear to offer your services to reporters in need. This is a great way to begin to get your business name out there!

But probably the most important reason for me choosing this course is the support. Linda Evenson, the instructor, is always there to answer any questions you or the class may have. The class is always involved in discussions with many helpful tips and advice. You are never alone out there in cyberspace, even after you graduate!

Internet Scoping School is the best!

~ Diane Bethel

The Internet Scoping School has been a life-saver for me. It has allowed me to work from home while pursuing my court reporting degree. The best part of the program is the ease of the payment plans and the excellent lesson schedule. I was able to work at my own speed. My tests and questions were responded to with prompt replies from the instructor, Linda Evenson. She has the knowledge of an experienced scopist who has pretty much seen it all.

I checked out a lot of scopist programs before choosing ISS. I found Linda to be the most sincere in wanting to create truly excellent scopists. She passes on many leads to us for work. I, myself, have worked for reporters that Linda has told me about.

I have found Linda to be more concerned with her scopists being able to do a superior job of scoping when they graduate than she is with just pushing you through the course. She has integrated the whole group of students so we can count on each other and the vast variety of knowledge we have to help each other.

~ Kathy Hoffman

I am a recent graduate of Linda Evenson’s Internet Scoping School. I am thrilled with the expert training and advice I received from the instructor and this course and have no doubt that it gave me the foundation necessary for success in my new profession.

The course starts with the basics and then builds on that to progress to the more expert levels. The instructor is always available for any questions, as well as a support group made up of graduates and current students.

Not only does this course teach you the fundamentals of scoping, but it provides you with marketing ideas and correct business practices so when you start your business, you have a better chance of success. Even after graduating, the instructor is there to answer questions and give advice.

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to start out in the scoping profession.

~ Lynn Dominick

The Internet Scoping School, headed by Linda Evenson, offers the opportunity to learn scoping online at your own pace. Each student is assigned a unique password, making the course material accessible to the student at any time. The course material is clearly presented, and the quiz at the end of each chapter allows the student to assess how well he or she is doing in the course.

Linda is available to all students by e-mail to answer questions, offer advice, and provide support whenever needed. Linda also passes along to the students the names of court reporters who contact her, looking for scopists. I obtained my first client as a result of one of Linda’s referrals, which was a real boost to my confidence in my ability to be a successful scopist. All my clients have been very pleased with the quality of my work and my knowledge of the software.

A “bonus” feature of the Internet Scoping School, and a very beneficial one, is the support provided by fellow students through the group e-mail discussions. Many of us who have graduated and gone on to find our own clients still maintain contact through the e-mail discussion group, which allows us to obtain support and advice when needed and to provide support and advice to those students just starting out.

I would highly recommend The Internet Scoping School to anyone who is considering a career change and is looking for a profession that will allow them to work from home and set their own schedule.

~ Marian Nicosia

I wouldn’t be where I am today without ISS. My investment in an ISS education has paid handsome dividends. It was probably the best investment I ever made. It’s wonderful to wake up every morning and realize that your dream has come true. Thanks, Linda and Cathy!
~ Al Cantwell

I would like to thank Linda Evenson for her endeavors in the Internet Scoping School. It is a well-written, comprehensive course that is truly fantastic. With complete instructions throughout, I found it very easy to navigate. There are plenty of quizzes to help us be sure we understand the material and see any area we may need to review more thoroughly. There are also numerous practice files to edit to experience different types of styles reporters use. Upon graduation you will have an excellent knowledge of the scoping field.
There is always help and support available if you have questions or concerns, either through our forum or directly from Linda. The forum will also be available after graduation, which will be a great networking tool for us once we are out there working. My whole experience with Linda and the ISS group has been fabulous. I would recommend this course to anyone who is looking for a great at-home profession. I think one of the best things is that you can go at your own pace. So whether you are presently working or not, you can set up your own personalized schedule that works best for you.

Linda has also been diligent in marketing us and finding court reporters who are in need of first-rate scopists, although she is not required to. Good scopists are in great demand and being associated with Linda and ISS can only validate that we are part of that upper echelon.

~ Trish Headley-Franco

For anyone who is interested in a scoping career, I highly recommend enrolling in Linda Evenson’s Internet Scoping School. Whether you have previous court reporting experience or are starting from the beginning, Linda covers everything from A to Z. There are often class e-mails between Linda and the students, both during the course and upon graduation. She also forwards potential client information to the group regularly.

Although I have completed the course, I am still in contact with Linda as well as all of the students and other graduates of ISS. It is great to know that throughout my scoping career, I can always call upon Linda and the group to answer any questions or just to say hello, because of the wonderful “personal” touch Linda has added to the course. I’m sure anyone who is involved with ISS will agree.

~ Christine Moreau

I am thrilled to have this opportunity to express my praises to those of you in the Internet world who are looking for an at-home career. It is a career that provides you the flexibility of organizing your work life the way YOU want it!

And what makes it so wonderful is that Linda’s course is designed and laid out in such a way that makes learning the skills of scoping as easy as possible to get you on your way. Her course is very user-friendly. The material is well-organized, very informative, and will teach you how to exceed in the scoping world.

Of course, once learned, it is your responsibility to stay dedicated and on top of promoting your own business. Linda helps graduates along by frequently passing on reporter contacts. In fact, three out of the five reporters I’m receiving work from are reporters who initially contacted Linda, and she passed those opportunities on to her students.

You’ve found a great place to get comprehensive scopist training. Good luck in beginning YOUR wonderful new profession!!

~ Melissa Darnall

My search for professional independence was over in July of 2005 when I found Internet Scoping School.

Like all learning, this is about commitment. My commitment to this training was matched in kind by ISS. As a student, I was able to get every single one of my questions answered by phone or e-mail. By the end of February 2006, I picked up my first proofreading client. My first scoping job was in April 2006, shortly after turning in my final. In September, I was able to strike out on my own, full-time!

Linda Evenson knows that education is just the beginning for her graduates. Staying connected is essential, and Linda keeps us connected with the school’s students, other graduates and school administration via the ISS Forum. Every year, graduates have the opportunity to market themselves at the ISS booth during the annual NCRA convention. The ISS website has an Online Directory where ISS graduates can post a brief bio telling prospective court reporter clients about our skills and abilities.

As a scopist, I am a “beck and call girl” (to quote from Pretty Woman), making myself available to accommodate court reporters’ deadlines. That’s how the money is made. But my Internet Scoping School training allows me to say, with great pride and confidence, that I help reporters “guard the record.”

If you are serious about being a scopist, Linda Evenson and her Internet Scoping School know how to train you and put you on a new career path. Follow this yellow brick road and you will find more than the Emerald City and Kansas!

~Carol Stone

Like many of us who are Scopists there is an interesting background as to how and why we entered this field of study, but that’s for another time and place. I began by taking a course called Legal Transcription some years back which gave me a good background in reading steno as well as formatting and preparing the final transcript. Unfortunately, the course did not offer training in CAT software. That’s when I needed to look elsewhere for help in this area.

While checking the Internet I came across the ISS program, and after thinking about it for some time and investigating its contents, I decided it was for me. So, I made the decision and the move to enrol in ISS.

All of the sections that I completed were both challenging and full of new information. I was interested and enthusiastic about the contents of each area and found them very practical with a certain home-spun touch that told me they were created out of personal experience that spanned many years.

The final section offering models for students to practice on were simply terrific and I learned a lot from the model used of having a case to work on and a parallel of the same case showing the edited results. I still go back from time to time to this section for some more practice.

I can only offer support and encouragement and the assurance of an excellent program of preparation at ISS to anyone who is considering the profession of Scoping. You will be instructed by an excellent staff and be joining a great team of active Scopists.

~ Francis O’Grady (An International Student from Ireland)

I spent a long time researching my scoping training options, combing web sites and message boards, and contacting school instructors and graduates. In the end, there was no question that ISS was the most serious and thorough. What surprised me, however, was how much close and continued support the school provides after graduation: contacts, leads, advice, and a wonderful, private, online community. As a successful practicing scopist, I’m very satisfied that I chose ISS.

~ Candace Santos

I am a graduate of the Internet Scoping School and I am 100% pleased with my decision to enroll. I had never even heard of scoping until January of 2002 when a court reporter friend of mine suggested I should look into it and gave me the name of Linda Evenson. I e-mailed her and asked at least fifty questions! She patiently answered every one of them, usually within minutes of my sending them to her. Her attitude and availability were the main reasons I decided to go for it.

Once I decided to take the plunge, I was not disappointed. If I had any questions as I was learning the material, I knew the instructor was only an e-mail away. I have no complaints about the course, and feel that I am extremely prepared to enter into the business world of scoping.

Your investment will be ongoing. This is not a course where you pay your money, receive your materials and never hear from the instructor again. Linda wants her graduates to be successful, and goes out of her way to make sure that is the case. Not only does she give you marketing ideas to start your business, but she also passes on leads and allows you to market yourself on her website. I think the biggest benefit is being able to use Linda’s name as a reference. She is very well known in the court reporting world, and being able to associate yourself with her is a major asset.

Within the first month after graduation, I have done several jobs for two different reporters and am looking forward to many more. If you would like to have the best training possible to become a scopist, and ongoing support throughout your career, look no further. You will not be disappointed!

~ Leigh Ann Swords