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5 Myths About Court Reporting

Did you know the court reporting profession has been around for centuries? (Yep! There are historical records from back during the Roman empire!) And, as you can imagine, with a career that has existed for that many years, there have been HUGE improvements made on the process. Along with a lot of myths surrounding it as […]

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I’m a reporter but want to scope. Can I test out?

No need to pay for training you don’t need. We have test-outs available for court reporters who are already well-versed in punctuation, notereading, or medical terminology. Each test-out costs $50, and upon passing you can apply the fee as a credit toward the portions of the course you end up taking. If you don’t pass, you […]

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Why do I need training to become a scopist?

Hate to break it to you, but there’s no faking being a scopist. There’s no good way to “wing it.” If you’re brand new to the court reporting world — even if you’re a trained editor or proofreader in some other field — you need to understand that scoping is completely different than traditional editing. You […]

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