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Industry Recommendations

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Recommendations from Professionals
in the Court Reporting Field

ANITA PAUL-JOHNSTON, CSR, CRR, CRI, President of Anita Paul International and provider of worldwide realtime seminars:

“I am delighted to highly recommend Linda Evenson’s Internet Scoping School. Linda is not only a marvelous scopist and wonderful person, but she has a passion for her chosen career. She has been actively involved for many years in speaking, serving on committees, writing articles, and other activities which promote excellence in the scoping profession.

“Her scopists learn so much more than simply steno theory. Her graduates fulfill a great need in our reporter world. Scoping has evolved to a high level of technology savvy, and their technological skills and willingness to help reporters makes them invaluable. I’m also impressed with the attention to details her scopists focus on for each individual reporter client.

“Thank you for creating your wonderful program.”

DENNIS DINKEL, RDR, CRR, Official Court Reporter, U.S. District Court, District of Columbia, former president U.S. Court Reporters Association (USCRA):

“In the time Linda has served as my full-time scopist, I have marveled at her command and mastery of grammar, punctuation, word usage, her notereading skills, and her technical expertise. Linda and I just completed an eight-month, 31-murder-victim death penalty conspiracy trial, where I covered the afternoon session of the trial. Despite a trial day that lasted from 1:30 p.m. until 5:30 or 6:00, usually consisting of between 150 to 200 pages of testimony and colloquy, most evenings the transcript would be completed and e-mailed to the attorneys before 10:00 p.m.

“I received numerous compliments throughout the duration of the trial on the timeliness and the accuracy of the transcript from the parties to the case. The last four weeks of the trial, comprising the death penalty phase, were especially onerous, consisting of hour after hour of rapid-fire, highly technical psychiatric/psychological testimony often delivered through the highly emotional ebb and flow of a death penalty proceeding.

“I simply could not have engineered this feat without Linda’s skills as a scopist and a coordinator of pages and pages of often highly technical testimony. She is flawless in every way.”


“I have been working with Linda Evenson for several years now. In my opinion, she is an excellent scopist. Her ability to turn around transcripts accurately and within the time requested is unmatched. There have been many instances where I’ve needed her to scope a tough expedite and she’s come through, oftentimes scoping it better than I could have done it myself! She is very good at reading through steno and almost knows my writing better than I.

“Linda is always there for moral support and to offer guidance and troubleshoot technical problems with patience. Since I am personally familiar with her capabilities and knowledge and have often availed myself of both, I would highly recommend her ability to teach these skills to others. If you’re looking for a scopist trainer who is herself an example of professional, top-quality scopist, Linda Evenson is the one for you!”

KEITH LEMONS, RPR, CRR, former president Wyoming Court Reporters Association, former chair NCRA Scopist Task Force:

“I have known and worked with Linda Evenson for more than ten years, first as the chair of the NCRA Scopist Task Force, where Linda was one of the first three members, and later as my own scopist and friend.

“Linda worked with me on site in a daily copy setting in a very technical gas field case. She scoped behind me as I wrote. Together, we were able to give same day service to a dozen attorneys in a little town in Wyoming. To say they were impressed was an understatement.

“Linda is the best scopist I’ve ever used. She is intelligent, meticulous, and has the soul of a helper. She looked for ways to keep the communication between us strong and anticipated my needs.

“When she created her scoping school, I knew without a doubt that it would become the success story that it has. I give her my highest endorsement.”