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Top Career Skills You Have to Learn in 2021

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Businesses have been undergoing vast digital transformations in recent years, even before the pandemic began. From retail to food, nearly every industry has adopted some form of digitization in their operations. In fact, the World Economic Forum notes that the combined value of digital transformation across industries could reach around $100 trillion by 2025. Of course, shifting business landscapes and changing consumer behaviors are all factors that have necessitated new skill sets from our workforce. So with that in mind, we have listed five of the most in-demand of them below:

Digital marketing

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced everyone indoors. Practically cut off from the outside world, people have had to turn to social media to be entertained, connected, and stay informed. Following this spike in pandemic-induced social media usage, businesses have followed suit — thus spurring the demand for digital marketers who can reach online customers.

Digital marketing encompasses a wide skill set — ranging from jobs in search engine optimization to graphic design. So before you commit to upskilling or re-skilling, determine what aspect of digital marketing you want to focus on. You can take a general course to give you an overview, or you can take specialized training for skills like video editing or e-mail marketing. Whichever you choose, knowledge in digital marketing will prove useful as more businesses embrace digital transformation.

Data analysis

Oftentimes what separates a good business from a great business is the ability to gather and interpret relevant data. Not only does this ensure you’re always ahead of trends, but it helps you maximize your resources and be efficient with spending. Thankfully, nearly everything is quantifiable into data nowadays — such as customer satisfaction and social media engagement.

With data-driven decisions at the heart of entrepreneurial success, it’s no surprise that business analysts are currently one of the top careers in business administration. Across various departments, professionals who know how to research and apply insights into corporate strategy are becoming vital assets to companies. With their skills, they can fit into different branches — providing advice and helping shape policies to propel the business forward. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), this role is reportedly growing at a rate of 27% every year. As such, data analysis is an in-demand and profitable skill to have in 2021.


Cyberattacks significantly increased last year, when cyber criminals took advantage of COVID-19 to scare people into clicking malicious links that reveal their personal information. Today, similar scams still exist and are becoming even more elaborate. For this reason, cybersecurity has become a sought-after skill. In fact, the BLS estimates the job outlook for this profession to grow by 31% by 2029.


You don’t need to have a career in literature or media to know that good communication skills are essential for business. It’s a basic skill that everyone knows, but few have mastered. If you have a solid grasp of grammar, vocabulary and syntax, you can easily land jobs like scoping or editing transcripts for court reporters even during the pandemic. With that said, it’s a good idea to brush up on your English by picking up grammar books. If you often present to stakeholders or deal with clients, consider taking a persuasive speaking course to further sharpen your skills.

Machine learning

Smart gadgets and AI-powered applications are becoming more and more accessible. And with 5G expected to have broader coverage this year, it appears that the world can expect a more interconnected Internet of Things. One of the skills underpinning these innovations is machine learning — where gadgets are programmed to automatically “learn” by extrapolating from historical data. As explained by the BLS, the market for computer and information research scientists is expected to grow by 15% by 2029.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an economic downturn, but it has also increased the demand for certain skills such as the ones listed above. So what better time than now to start learning something new?

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