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Is There Work Out There?


Are you wondering if there’s scoping work “out there”? Here’s a recent Conversation on ISS Facebook Page:

Christine asked a question : Has anyone else noticed the huge uptick in reporters looking for scopists on the job boards!

Linda YES!! It’s crazy! 

Darcy Yes! It sounds like things are getting back to normal.

Christine Wow. Having started scoping at the start of 2020, I never really knew what normal was. I can hardly keep up ith the work from my regulars right now. Had to work through the night a few times recently! Not complaining!

Darcy With more states opening up, it is starting to get crazy busy.

Chelsea Same! I was afraid I’d have to really search for work, but I’m having to turn down work because there aren’t enough hours in the days! I’m certainly not complaining!

Andrea I’m glad there will be a job when I’m done with classes.

Karen Makes me want to finish, like, now!

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