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I know it’s scary to go from a 9-to-5 job to having to make your own success, but there IS work out there. I just wanted to share the good news!

Read the following testimonials from our Facebook pages (and, as always, you can always reach out to me for more information):

Renee – I’ve committed to give this my best effort. I really wonder now if this is the right time- please tell me scopist will be needed in the future. I just had a friend who is a lawyer post this to me “This is a difficult time for court reporters. … due to budget cuts, all the court reporters were laid off. They are taping court proceedings and sending the recordings for transcription.” So a scopist job would come after the transcription, right?


Darcy – I have to take this week off because I am tired. I have had only four days off since the beginning of August. Regular depositions are going strong!

Valerie – This is the exact same thing that was being said when I was first introduced to the world of court reporting and scoping in 1979.Heidi Andrews Yaeger – I’m with Darcy   I only work with one reporter and she’s been going strong since June!! Rarely a break, and when there is one, I barely just get caught up before the flood pours in again

I don’t think you’ll have anything to worry about…

Carla – My father told me when I graduated HS in 1992 that there are two career fields the world will never see a lack of no matter what you do in those fields – the law and the medical field. My dad was a police officer, my mom a legal secretary. I started in court reporting school out of high school when even back then there was “scary talk” of audio and video recorders taking over. I ended up working as a legal secretary for several years because life took me on a different path; went to school to become a certified medical assistant, which I’ve been for years; and now the road is finally about to take me back in this direction at 46 years old. So 28 years later, and my dad is still right. Just do it!

Laura – My freelance reporter in the California Bay Area is crazy busy (even with COVID restrictions) working as a pro tem reporter for civil court hearings and trials in addition to all of her deposition and other work. She has multiple attorneys calling sometimes and absolutely begging. There are no official reporters anymore for civil matters there, but the attorneys have the option of bringing in freelance reporters, which they seem to be doing often.

Susan – This is all very encouraging to a fresh out of the box scopist like me. Thank you, everyone.

Tara – My mom told me she used to hear the same thing back in the day. I started scoping almost 2 years ago and have plenty of work.Christy – I was only a week or so out of graduating this course when I had a job. (Thanks again, Linda!)