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Q. and A. Do you use checklists when editing for reporters?

I actually did create checklists for some reporters who had certain “bad habits” that were easy for me to read over.  One gal, for example, often reversed you were/were you, and I found it very easy to overread the wrong one.  For her, I actually created an E-global that had the conflict set up which […]

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time management

Get Time and a Teammate with a Scopist

This article by Megan Stolz Rogers says: “Stenography can be a solitary profession and reporters can work long, sometimes exhausting, hours. The solution to this can be working with a scopist — giving the reporter the gift of time and a teammate. Scoping your own transcripts is “like a second job,” says Margary Rogers, RPR, […]

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Top Career Skills You Have to Learn in 2021

Businesses have been undergoing vast digital transformations in recent years, even before the pandemic began. From retail to food, nearly every industry has adopted some form of digitization in their operations. In fact, the World Economic Forum notes that the combined value of digital transformation across industries could reach around $100 trillion by 2025. Of course, shifting […]

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Start Your Day Off Right!

Routines to Create Your BEST Morning!There are a number of health benefits such as better mental health, lower stress levels, increased energy, and improved sleep quality when you have a daily routine. “Having a healthy routine is what sets you apart and allows you to achieve the things you want easier and faster.” ~ A […]

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