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These Scoping Courses Have Been Life Changing!

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A year ago, my wife and I decided to make a significant change in our careers. We were looking for something completely different and we found it in scoping. A friend of ours has been scoping for 40 years and he suggested we check out ISS. It was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Linda’s program is very well put together and guides you through every aspect of scoping. You will not find a better platform for learning the business.
It’s funny how things work. In our former life we were involved with the federal government. After completing the ISS program, we were contacted by the very people we worked with all those years, and they asked us to scope for their organization. Incredible!!
We, of course, said yes, but it would not have been possible if we had not taken Linda’s classes.
We strongly encourage anyone that is considering scoping to look into Linda’s program. There are so many opportunities out there for well-trained scopists. Ours is just one story. Enjoy creating your own.
De Kuenzi