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Terms and Conditions

By enrolling in/paying for any portion of a course offered by Internet Scoping School, you are agreeing to abide by the Confidentiality and Refund Agreements as listed below:


Course Confidentiality

I realize that the fee paid to Internet Scoping School constitutes a onetime, one-person user license. I agree to neither share nor disseminate any course materials to any other person without express consent of the course instructor, Linda Evenson, Internet Scoping School.

E-mail/Post Confidentiality

I realize all e-mails and posts written within the Internet Scoping School student/graduate group and the ISS Forum are considered confidential. Before copying any post or e-mail to anyone outside the ISS group, I will first obtain permission from the author of the post and from the Course Administrator.

Practice File Confidentiality

Although I am aware that names have been changed to protect the parties, I nevertheless agree to keep the confidentiality of all court reporter files, whether partial or complete, realizing that they are taken from actual cases.


It is the policy of ISS not to issue refunds on fees.  When a student signs up with Internet Scoping School, his/her enrollment is considered a contract:  It is assumed that students are serious about this training and about beginning a new career as a scopist. Students pay a fee to have the training provided to them on the Internet and to have ongoing student/graduate support. The school fulfills its end of this contract by ensuring the training and support are accessible to students; they fulfill their end by availing themselves of the training and support and embarking on a new career.

Caution:  If you as a student chose the one-time payment option (or if you pay for any sections in advance) the assumption is you did so because you were sure scoping is what you wanted to do and you wanted to take advantage of any savings that may have been offered.   If you are not sure that you have the desire and determination to complete the whole course, do not pay for the whole course up front because you will not be given a refund.  Please take this seriously.

Some students have treated the fee as though it were a savings account from which money could be withdrawn anytime they needed some extra cash. That is not true. It is tuition you’ve paid for your education, just as if you were attending a college or vocational school.  If you choose not to show up for class and fulfill your end of the bargain, you cannot expect to have your money refunded.  If you decide to come back and take the training at a later time, you will, of course, be given access to the sections for which you have paid.

Legal Action:  It is hoped that any disputes can be resolved between individual students and ISS staff. However, should a student decide to pursue legal action against ISS for any reason, s/he agrees that the suit will be filed in the state and county of the school’s location: Ravalli County, Montana.


If you drop out or request to cancel your payment plan but have consumed more course content than your payments logically cover, we will charge your card on file for the amount of content you consumed. For example, if you have paid only $500 in monthly payments but have consumed two full sections of course content priced at $400 each for a total of $800, we will charge your account for the remaining $300 owed for the content you consumed. Our system allows us to see exactly how much content you’ve completed and downloaded.

We take intellectual property theft very seriously and will press charges if we determine you’ve stolen materials from ISS.

Breach of Agreement

I realize that breach of any part of this agreement shall constitute failure of the course and loss of all fees paid to Internet Scoping School and any and all benefits attached thereto.