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Disclaimer and Refund Policy

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While I (Linda Evenson) have gone to great lengths to build an exhaustive resource containing all of the necessary lessons, tools, and practice materials to ensure students will have success after taking the course, I can’t advertise a blanket guarantee that all students will be successful marketing themselves or actually performing scoping work for court reporters.

Just as colleges and universities do not guarantee you will get a job after graduating, students enrolled in Internet Scoping School are not guaranteed success or income merely by completing the course. All students who enroll acknowledge this fact and agree that securing clients is solely their own responsibility.

Further, before enrolling in the course, students agree that any success/income is solely dependent upon their own understanding and application of the material, content, and methods as outlined in the course. Not following instructions, lacking personal aptitude or necessary prerequisite skills (i.e. not having sufficient eye for detail, not retaining or understanding necessary concepts, etc.), or refusing to put in the work it takes to find clients are not the fault of Internet Scoping School or its creator, Linda Evenson.

The course provides all of the tools necessary to do the work properly and to find clients. I just can’t do the work for you.

Finally, students acknowledge that I will not find clients for them.  Aside from being impossibly time-consuming to be constantly on a quest to find clients for every student, I have no guarantee that your work is actually good unless I see it before you send it to the client. The course fee covers lifetime support but does not extend to offering that kind of personal attention. If I tell someone to hire you, and you’re not as good as you’d hoped, that would become our responsibility. Remember, simply enrolling in this course does not automatically qualify you.


Internet Scoping School offers a course in which you enroll, not a product you purchase and can just return. It is also completely unique because the minute you enroll, you will have lifetime access to the course content for life (for payment plans, this is valid only if you continue to make your payments). After access is granted, due to the sensitive, proprietary nature of the copyrighted content, Internet Scoping School does not refund enrollment fees for any reason.

I’ve put more than 17 years of hard work into Internet Scoping School. I know that if what I teach is implemented, you will easily make the investment back over and over again. I get to see it happen every single day.

I also do not offer refunds because I am building a community of scoping professionals committed to taking action and making their lives better. When you enroll as a student, you are committing. If you’re not ready to take action, don’t commit.


If you drop out or request to cancel your payment plan but have consumed more course content than your payments logically cover, we will charge your card on file for the amount of content you consumed. For example, if you have paid only $500 in monthly payments but have consumed two full sections of course content priced at $400 each for a total of $800, we will charge your account for the remaining $300 owed for the content you consumed. Our system allows us to see exactly how much content you’ve completed and downloaded.

We take intellectual property theft very seriously and will press charges if we determine you’ve stolen materials from ISS.