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Proofreading versus Scoping versus Transcribing

Proofreading versus Scoping versus Transcribing What is the Difference? I am often asked, “What is the difference between scoping, proofreading, and transcribing?” Here is the answer in a nutshell. A transcriptionist gets an audio file from the reporter and has to type in every word that is heard on the audio. They must also research spellings, punctuate, […]

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5 Myths About Court Reporting

Did you know the court reporting profession has been around for centuries? (Yep! There are historical records from back during the Roman empire!) And, as you can imagine, with a career that has existed for that many years, there have been HUGE improvements made on the process. Along with a lot of myths surrounding it as […]

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Such an inspiring story! I'm SO intrigued by scoping. I'm definitely going to check it out!

How I Went from Laid Off to Earning Up to $4,500 per Month as a Scopist: Darice’s Story

Today we’re introducing yet another successful ISS grad, Darice Russell. Darice is such an inspiration for those who have ever experienced the frustration of losing a job. Now, six years after she finished Internet Scoping School, she’s opening up about how things have been going for her. Thanks for joining us today, Darice. Tell us a little about your […]

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How Linda Found Work-At-Home Success as a Scopist

I’m interviewing another Linda today! Geez… we’re everywhere.  Linda Livingston is hands-down one of the best students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching — and I’ve been teaching for an embarrassingly long time. A retired nurse, Linda is no stranger to hard work. She gave it her all during training and it is already paying off. […]

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work from home scopist

How This Work-at-Home Mom Earns Up to $3000 per Month as a Scopist

Robin Newberger has an amazing story, and I had the privilege of interviewing her for my blog! Robin is a stay-at-home mom turned work-at-home mom who earns between $500 and $3000 per month as a part-time scopist. While attending a conference, Robin even got her first client — before she even graduated from ISS! Robin truly […]

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What’s Your Scopist IQ?

I like to save funny and/or interesting mistranslates, partly for my own amusement, but also because they can provide a wonderful learning experience. I thought it might be educational to let you try your hand at some of the brainteasers that I’ve run across in my day-to-day work. In the following examples, I list the […]

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This Work-at-Home Scopist Stays So Busy, She Turns Away Clients!

Well, this is pretty much the mother lode of student success stories. I’m so pleased to introduce you to Cindy Clark of The Scoping Studio. She is an absolute gem, and I think you’ll agree. Cindy enrolled in Internet Scoping School more than five years ago and has since become one of the busiest scopists I’ve […]

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Who Hires Work-at-Home Scopists

Court Reporters Speak: THIS is Why I Use a Scopist

One of the most frequently emailed questions I receive from prospective scoping students is about the demand for scopists. Why would court reporters outsource something they could do themselves? I’ve been scoping for more than 35 years, so I know full well there’s a demand or I’d be living under a bridge by now. Okay, kidding, […]

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Scoping: The Work-at-Home Career You’ve Never Heard of

Scoping. It’s a productive, stable work-at-home career that’s been around for more than 30 years… yet most people have never even heard of it. You can even type “scopist” into Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, and this happens: Maybe that’ll change soon now that I’ve gotten more active in bringing this career option to more people. We’ll […]

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I’m a reporter but want to scope. Can I test out?

No need to pay for training you don’t need. We have test-outs available for court reporters who are already well-versed in punctuation, notereading, or medical terminology. Each test-out costs $50, and upon passing you can apply the fee as a credit toward the portions of the course you end up taking. If you don’t pass, you […]

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