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Transcript Used In High Profile Case

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Reprinted by permission from Guardians of the Record:

Crystal Foster

I’m on a high-profile case that’s been on trial all week. Criminal case. This case was on the news. I couldn’t believe I got this case.
A Daily Copy was ordered by attorneys on this high-profile case of an excerpt of a certain part of the transcript. Today the attorneys had my transcript out and were all over it reading from it in court and showing it. All I could think was, thank God for Scopist and proofreaders. My transcript was flawless, professional, and a highly-skilled transcript! This was Day 3 of the trial. Love our career. We truly have important roles in this field. And depending on how this trial goes, one attorney said there are A LOT of attorneys who will be ordering this transcript! Proofreaders and Scopist are essential in this field.