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Loving My Career Change

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Hi, Linda!  I’ve been meaning to write you for a while now but life has been SO crazy!  I thoroughly enjoyed the scoping school.  I started taking on a reporter that I found on Facebook.  I responded to someone who posted “who wants to scope a hot mess?”  I did it and we’ve been friends since.  One thing led to another; I worked with a couple other reporters who knew I was new.

Long story short:  I quit my full-time job about 15 months ago to form my own scoping company.  I make enough to pay myself a healthy paycheck, put my husband on the payroll, pay my accountant’s house (LOL), and pay for my own health insurance!  I work totally from home and literally have so much work that my husband complains that he “doesn’t see me anymore” (don’t even get me started on that one!).  I have three (sometimes four) reporters that I consistently work with.  One of them is RealTeam, which I LOVE doing!  And since I jumped right in, I never built a website or a professional Facebook page or anything like that.  There was no need to.  One of my reporters actually sends me fruit baskets every now and again because she appreciates my hard work!

Anyway, I wanted to share some things I learned:

1) Breathe.  It’s easy to forget to do that.

2) Get up and walk around.

3) Remember your posture.

4) Be honest with your reporters.  If you can’t take on a job’s deadline, don’t do it.

5) I go on a 15% rule.  Every single penny that comes in, I put 15% aside.  When the work slows down, you can still pay yourself.

6) Each reporter has their own preference.  Ask them first if you have ANY questions.  It’s their transcript!

7) There is A LOT of work out there!

I am loving my career change, and I wanted to thank you for every bit of information you have allowed us to learn from you!