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Everything I Learned From You Is Relevant

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Good afternoon,

Early this morning, several hours before I left for my 9 to 5, while working on a transcript, I was struck by the reality that everything I learned in your class has led me to this moment.
When I was studying all the different sections from punctuation to notereading to CaseCAT training, there were times when I thought “Do I really need to know that?”  Now that I am actually scoping transcripts in the “real world”, I realize time and time again that everything I learned from you is relevant.
I’m grateful for the notes I took while studying and the ability to return to the course when I have a question or need clarification.  The friendly and helpful communication on the Facebook groups from you and all the members is invaluable.  I have taken many notes just from the information found in the ISS Students n’ Grads group alone.
I am still working my 9 to 5  job and hope to retire in a few years and scope full time.  I am working with two court reporters who both know I still have my full-time job and who send me regular turnaround transcripts — I am gaining experience and confidence along the way.   I enjoy scoping and regularly get engrossed in a transcript and lose track of time.
I’ve said all this to say a huge THANK YOU for everything you do in the scoping world.  I will be forever grateful.
Proud ISS Graduate