These are my honest opinions and experiences. | Internet Scoping School

These are my honest opinions and experiences.

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I just finished the Internet Scoping School course.
I want to encourage those of you who are considering this course.
It took me 9 months, counting a two month break during the holidays.
I took a long time on each individual section, as long as I needed to feel like I really had the info down. By the end of the course, in the practice files, I felt very confident in the training I had received. The practice files for me were enjoyable and exciting, because I realized I had gained the knowledge I needed to be able to get started working for real.
I’m building a website now and getting the business end of things in place. Looking forward to hitting the ground running!
I also want to give a shout out to Linda and all of the students and grads in the Students and Grads Facebook page. What a help they all are with questions, concerns, encouragement, and general knowledge!
If scoping seems right for you, then I would only recommend Internet Scoping School.
These are my honest opinions and experiences. Nobody asked me to post this.