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Will the training I receive from ISS be adequate for me to pass a certification exam?

I (Linda) served on the Scopist Certification Subcommittee that wrote the first exam, which is waiting to be given when funding is allocated. This groundbreaking committee’s first task was to define the skills and knowledge a scopist needs to possess, and they produced an NCRA document called “The Scopist Job Analysis.” When I originally wrote the content for […]

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Why do I need training to become a scopist?

Hate to break it to you, but there’s no faking being a scopist. There’s no good way to “wing it.” If you’re brand new to the court reporting world — even if you’re a trained editor or proofreader in some other field — you need to understand that scoping is completely different than traditional editing. You […]

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Why is ISS the best scoping course?

Why is ISS the best scoping course? That’s easy!Internet Scoping School is the best scoping course because it’s all-inclusive.So what’s included in the cost of our training course?Reduced price on Case CATalyst software key. Includes a year service contract and Audiosync capability.FREE access to all updates or bonuses that we add in the future.A listing in our exclusive online student […]

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Why the Internet? And does my type of internet connection matter?

  The Internet is a perfect venue for this type of course because it teaches computer skills from the beginning. You have to learn to access the Internet, download files, and use keyboarding skills in order to complete the course — these skills are invaluable as a scopist. The Internet gives students lifetime access to other experienced […]

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Is there any financial aid available?

There is currently no financial aid available through NCRA or ISS. We do offer 3-, 5-, 8- and 12-month payment plans which makes ISS the most financially accessible scoping course available. See our payment plans page for more details. If you qualify for rehab/retraining or Workforce Investment Act funding through your state, ISS is already a […]

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Does ISS issue any sort of certificate of completion?

Yes. For students who complete all required segments of the course and pass all final exams including the course final, they will receive a Certificate of Completion.  Reporters know ISS to be a leader in the scoping industry and will trust completion of this training as an indication of the professionalism and quality of a […]

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How much does the course cost?

We recommend reading through our overview and enrollment page for a full explanation of the tuition cost, all available payment options, and what’s included/not included in the tuition. 

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Is it easy to get started?

Starting the course is shockingly easy. You receive access to the material as soon as payment is complete. You don’t need to wait for packages to arrive in the mail or for anyone to give you passwords or access to the course manually. We feature a completely automated enrollment system. As for starting out as […]

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Why do I need to learn to read steno? Is it hard to learn steno?

Although many reporters make audio-synched recordings as they write, it is essential for scopists to know how to read steno notes. And after asking around at different conventions, reporters seem to feel the same way. There are times when the audio can’t be heard, but enough information can be gleaned from the notes to make the […]

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