Can I take one section of the course at a time? Do I have to pay for sections I don’t need to take?

Internet Scoping School is set up so that you, the student, choose and purchase only the units that you need. To protect the integrity of the program, we do require testing out of punctuation, medical terminology, and notereading before granting access to an abbreviated version of the course. Each test is $50 and, should you not pass, you can apply the amount toward that section.

Contact us if you would like to purchase one section of the course at a time. Pricing is as follows:

Advanced Punctuation: USD 500

Software Training: USD 500

MT: USD 400

Notereading: USD 500

Practice Files: USD 500

Transcript Production:  USD 400

Marketing:  USD 500

TOTAL:  USD 3300

Note that the a la carte option is not as cost effective as purchasing the full course or even a monthly payment plan as outlined on our overview page. We offer it to provide added convenience and more flexibility over a standard monthly payment plan — not to save you money 🙂  

If you’re brand new to scoping, we encourage you to complete the entire course for best results.

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Christine Dunn says September 28, 2016

Recently signed up for quick start program with PA Proofreaders.. I found your website through them.. Starting to re-think my choice. Will try your 7 day free course first.

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