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Email from 3/3/22 — Student Feedback

Hi Linda,

I hope this email finds you well! I have been wanting to take the time to sit and write you an update on how things are going since graduating from ISS at the end of November. In a previous e-mail, I had mentioned that I had interest from a reporter. I did take work from her, but I quickly found that her work was not good. I hate saying this, being newly graduated and just entering this profession, but it was just not worth my time. Your words "Your time is worth something" really rang out to me as I scoped her work. So thank you, thank you, thank you for emphasizing this in your training! I did complete three jobs for her while continuing to look for a different reporter to work with.

Having this experience, although not pleasant, made me that much more grateful when I connected with the reporter that I am working with now. It may sound silly, but it truly feels like it was meant to be. We connected over the fact that we are both moms and both changed careers to accommodate our desire to be present with our kids. She tried out several scopists and was not happy. To my delight, she continued working with me! I have now been getting consistent work since the middle of January.

I just read your blog post “MARKETING DECEPTION” BLOG ON ACCOLADE SCOPING (ASE) WEBSITE – RESPONSE this evening, and I have to say that your bit about young mothers resonated with me so much! Your description of how you scoped as a young mother mirrors my experience so far! You shared a similar description, either in an e-mail or another part of your website, as I was first diving into the world of scoping and choosing which course to use. This was a major determining factor for me. I have to quote you again because it just rings so true for me! "I loved being able to fit my work in around my life instead of vice versa." Thank you for all you do and all that you pour into this course and provide to your students! You are truly topnotch! 

In closing, I just wanted to share with you some of the feedback that I have received from the reporter that I am working with.

"The flags are perfect and exactly the kind of stuff I'd love to make sure I put a second eye on. I also loved that you sent questions as you went because it let me know you were working on it, so please never hesitate to send any questions.

"I'm honestly so glad I decided to give a newer scopist a try and that you're such a good personality fit too. I think part of the problem with people who have been doing it a long time is they just stop caring about the details at some point. It's not an easy job. I really appreciate that you pay close attention. As you get more experience and want more pages, let me know and I'll share your name with other reporters I know who might be interested. And in the short term, if you want more than I send you, please don't hesitate to ask. I almost always will have something I could send you to work on.

"And also, your work is better than every single experienced scopist I tried. You can tell you pay attention while editing."

I am so excited about the possibilities that this career has already created for me and will continue to bring!

Many thanks,

JoElla Dobbin 

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