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Making the Jump to a New Career?

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New Career

It’s scary to jump into a new career and wonder if you will be successful.  I received this email from a prospective student.  I thought some of you who are considering scoping would find it encouraging.


—- On Wed, 29 Apr 2020 10:58:50 -0700 > wrote —-

Dear Linda,

I’m sure I have the same fears and concerns as most people who are stepping into a new opportunity and learning its language from scratch.

One concern would be trying to set myself up for success. Toward that end, I did call local court reporters in my area to try and gauge their demand for scopists. I was encouraged by their response and pleasantly surprised to learn that a fellow home-school mom is a court reporter who was very encouraging and willing to engage with me through the process. With local demand as well and the networking power of the internet I feel like success is attainable.