What is the Word Skills Test? What if I get a low score on it?

The Word Skills Test is found at the end of our Industry Fundamentals™ portion of the course. We recommend anyone brand new to the court reporting and scoping world enroll in Industry Fundamentals before enrolling in our full course. It’s $197, requires no commitment to a payment plan, and you can apply the full price of it toward the cost of the full course or your first month’s payment in an installment plan.

If you score below an 80% on the Word Skills Test (100 questions), you have a few options. You can choose to pursue something other than scoping, or you can study up and retake the test at a later date. A low score does not necessarily mean you would never succeed as a scopist, but you will need to improve your skills in order to succeed.

You can purchase retakes of the Word Skills Test for a small fee of $20 each. Just contact us.

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