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Suffixes “ity,” “ment”

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  • Barbara Mitchell says:

    /KWAULT /AEU quality WHY ISN’T THIS /KWAUL /EUT?????

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Anytime someone asks me, “Why did the reporter write this this way?” my answer is always the same: “Because that’s how the reporter wrote it.” =o) There are several different steno methods and many different ways to brief. In your example above for “alignment,” there is no word “linement” or “lignment” so leaving the first syllable off just adds speed without adding confusion as the reporter writes. As long as it can’t be a wrong word or is clear in context, it saves the reporter an extra step she doesn’t need when the speakers are fast. And I’m sure some reporters write /KWAUL /EUT. If you can read it, it’s written correctly.

  • Barbara Mitchell says:

    /HRAOEUPB /-PLT alignment Should that be /AEU /HRAOEUPB /-PLT??

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