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The Tricky World of HYPHENS + Quiz

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  • bambakidis says:

    Question #11- the answer choices in the parentheses don’t match those in the choices below. I will send you a screen shot. This is in the Fundamentals quiz on hyphens. I can’t find any clues to help me answer it, either. Can you provide a hint?

  • bambakidis says:

    On #8 – Merriam-Webster’s has “air-conditioning” as a noun. I thought we didn’t need “Morson’s” at this stage in the course. I don’t have it because I thought it was purchased later.

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Good point! If Webster’s and Morson’s conflict, I guess it would be up to the court reporter to state her preference. Weird, huh?

  • bambakidis says:

    Question 15 has “(X-rays, X-rays)” as choices. These choices are the same thing. ?

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