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More Punctuation Rules + QUIZ

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  • bambakidis says:

    I had a hard time with this question–can you explain it? Morson’s looked liked a Objection is followed by colon or period (depending on the explanation) Or semicolon if there is a list of objections. Thanks!

    Question #4: Choose the correct sentence.
    Your Answer:

    Objection, calls for hearsay.

    Correct Answer:

    Objection; calls for hearsay.

    Other Possible Answers:

    Objection, calls for hearsay.

    • Linda Evenson says:

      I agree that a colon or period is more appropriate, although I’ve seen reporters use about every punctuation under the sun on that one. This is one that a client would tell you what s/he wants. I like the reporters best who trust me to do it correctly and aren’t quite so anal about it, but as long as you’re clear on what your client wants, you’re fine.

  • Liana Sears says:

    I don’t understand on the ones that I had incorrect, the choice I chose was listed as other possible answers; so why would they be incorrect?

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Liana –

      I’m not too crazy about this autograding system on tests. Sometimes I know the correct answer I had input has been changed, plus it doesn’t let me leave comments on why things are marked as incorrect. I’m thinking about getting rid of it.

      As I am recovering from my surgery, I may go back in and make some changes. Thanks for drawing this to my attention.

      Linda – ISS

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