Lesson 14: Global Options and Global Tables - Internet Scoping School

Lesson 14: Global Options and Global Tables

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  • kgornto says:

    This quiz did not seem to relate to this particular lesson.

    • Linda says:

      The lesson is about global tables and global options, and the quiz is about the same thing. What am I missing? Please clarify. Thanks.

      • kgornto says:

        #5 is about indenting a paragraph from both sides.
        # 7 is about scrolling text forward.
        #8 asks about resetting a page #.
        #10 asks about Orphan Control which I don’t recall ever seeing before at all.
        #12 asks about building an auto index, which I know I have not gotten to yet.
        I understand if you are adding in “review” questions, but I feel like some of these are on topics I haven’t studied yet. My brain is already on overload trying to digest one lesson at a time!

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