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Lesson 17: Keyboard Maps

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  • bes1966 says:


    I have been working with the practice text/audio files we downloaded (Dr. Preston, Gill depositions, etc.).

    In the Gill key, I notice that you wrote “UK” without periods, but “U.S.” with periods. “Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation” does say that “U.S.” should include periods, but I could find no reference specifically mentioning “UK.” Morton’s is uncharacteristically silent on the subject. And the internet is — as usual — all over the place!

    Is the rule that “U.S.” is written with periods, and “UK” without? If so, is that not a glaring inconsistency?


    • lindae says:

      I find most reporters are not putting the periods after US, RN, MD, etc. On US, it just doesn’t look right to me, so I put in the periods. It was an oversight not to do it on UK too. I would do that, too, for consistency. Good catch!

  • kgornto says:

    Any suggestions on how to work with your macros when they don’t function properly? Mine seem to be mixed up, for example when I try to use my number with commas macro, it converts it to $ instead.

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