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Interpreting Your Score

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  • Barbara Mitchell says:

    Okay, Linda: so how do I get on with the rest and back to the note-taking portion of the program?? Thank you.

    • Barbara Mitchell says:

      Also: where do I read replies to comments?? Thank you.

      • Linda Evenson says:

        I just found these comments. I’m going to have to ask Caitlin how I get notified of them. I’m going to look up your questions and then I’ll respond back. Sorry I didn’t get this done sooner! I’m still learning this new software. I have most of it down, but obviously not all of it!

      • We’ve just added the capability to subscribe to comments. Before now, you’d have to just check back on the unit. Technology has changed all of that 🙂

      • We are working on adding the capability to subscribe to comments. Please hang tight until that’s done — a few days.

    • Go to “Student Area” in the upper righthand corner and click “View Course Progress” in the dropdown menu.

  • tazturkey says:

    I am unable to proceed to the next lesson. Please help!

  • tazturkey says:

    I’m sorry, Linda. I figured it out. Please disregard previous comment. Thank you!

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