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CaseCAT Software Training Final Exam

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  • Karen Reedy says:

    Regarding Question 24 (and 27, similarly), the answer states that the shortcut for inserting a Q. is Ctrl + q. When using the default keyboard, shouldn’t this command be used instead for punctuating an interrupted question and answer with dashes?

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Ach du pantyhosen!! You are right. The command for inserting a Q is F4 + q. The command for ending and beginning dashes is Ctrl + q. When you’re writing these lessons, it is really easy to type the wrong command. I think I’m going to dye my hair red…or brunette…or anything but blonde! Thank you for pointing that out. I will fix it.

  • kgornto says:

    I have a question about #35, regarding the shortcut to uncap the next word. Isn’t the correct answer F4 + F5? That was not a choice so I picked F4 + F6 but it says the correct answer is Ctrl + F5.

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