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Common Errors

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  • bambakidis says:

    Regarding visiting the Baxters’, why is it possessive? Isn’t it ok to visit the Baxters? It’s implied that you are visiting the Baxters’ house–but what if you’re visiting them elsewhere?

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Sent you an email. I truly think this one could go either way. “I was visiting the Evensons on Friday.” Yep, sure could have been!

  • Barbara Keehn says:

    Oh my gosh, Linda! While reading the list above of recommended books, I realized that the name Margie Wakeman rang a bell. She was one of my teachers at Bryan College of Court Reporting in Los Angeles. She taught my English, word usage, punctuation, and spelling classes. I still have many of my books and notes from back then. I’m sure they will be a help, as will the books from the list.

    Barb Keehn

    • Linda Evenson says:

      Barb –

      No kidding? Margie is still really active and on several of the scopist sites. She wrote a new book, “Bad Grammar, Good Punctuation” a few years ago and then wrote a workbook to go with it. You’ll have to look her up and say hi. I’m sure she’d be delighted to hear from you!

      That is really neat!


  • bes1966 says:

    “Court Reporting: Bad Grammar/Good Punctuation” textbook-workbook bundle is now $108.00 + tax for scopists/students, available at

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