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Lesson 2 – Titles, Appearances, Stipulations

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  • bes1966 says:

    I have numerous questions about the Notebook and Key for this lesson. In several place, the example cover sheet format changes from the Notebook to the Key, specifically: line spacing, bold/underline, capitalization, tab alignment.

    Are we expected to format our answers to follow the example in the Notebook, or are these details unimportant as long as the information is correct?

    • lindae says:

      Bear in mind that different reporters/agencies use different formats, so you are going to see different fonts, bolding, etc., based on what that reporter uses. I should also mention I had a horrible time trying to get the centering and fonts consistent in these lessons even within the same page. If I did them now, I would put in tables to make things line up like they should. So no, don’t worry about following the format. Learn how to fill the proper information in the various formats so you know how to do it according to specific clients’ prefs.

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