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Parentheses, Apostrophes, and Hyphens

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  • bes1966 says:

    Rule 148, item j: “Verb + verb phrase before a noun: have-have not society.”

    Quiz 5, question 22: Correct/Incorrect: “want/wantnot [sic] seasons.”

    I said it was incorrect, that it should be “want-want not seasons.”

    The key says it is correct, but then shows it as “want/want-not seasons” (with a hyphen that is missing in the quiz).

    Which is correct, “want-want not seasons” or “want/want-not seasons”?

    • lindae says:

      This very thing is about to send me over the edge! I have changed it to “want/want-not at least a dozen times, saved it, and copied it into the intro to this section…but it never changes! Since it has come up again, and I’ve redone it another five times today with no luck, I am tapping my web gal to help me figure out what’s going on. It SHOULD be “want/want-not,” but whether I’ll ever get it to say that may be a crap shoot. If we figure it out, I’ll supplement this reply. Some days…

      • bes1966 says:

        Good luck fighting the computer!

        However, I still don’t feel that my question has been answered. Which rule governs “want/want-not seasons,” and how is it different from “have-have not society” as shown in rule 148, item j?

        Thank you.

        • lindae says:

          I finally beat it into submission! I was saving it, but it wasn’t showing the save as of today’s date. Once I got it to do that, it is now correct in the lessons.

          Now back to your question: In the above example, you would have to use have-have-not which is very unclear. So in Rule 280, Lillian says “If a compound modifier has two or more hyphenated elements, and the word ‘or’ can be inserted between them, use the slant to separate the hyphenated elements.” Examples: walk/don’t-walk sign; on-again/off-again relationship.

          Now the only problem is that this rule is in a chapter further into the book, “The Slant.” I think I might add it to the lessons because it’s worth knowing. So I took it out of the Chapter 6 quiz and added it later on.

          Having conquered my computer, I need a nap!

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