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Beginning N, ending M

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  • says:

    In the list of words for this lesson, Sam & Tom have the asterisk after the vowel, but Tim has the asterisk after the consonant that is capitalized — the first letter.
    In the previous lesson that explains this asterisk using the name “Sam,” the asterisk is after the letter “S.” Can the asterisk just be anywhere in the word to denote the proper noun?

    • lindae says:

      Very observant! If you look at the picture of the keyboard in Unit 2 of Notereading, you will see that the asterisk is located between the left and right banks of keys. So the reporter depresses it in between the beginning of the word written with the left hand, and the end of the word written with the right hand, so it might end up at different spots in a steno stroke. For many years I kept a miniature printed steno keyboard taped to my computer to help me figure out mistyped steno notes. You might want to give it a shot. I recommend it when you’re learning steno; it really helps a lot.

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