Why the Internet? And does my type of internet connection matter?


The Internet is a perfect venue for this type of course because it teaches computer skills from the beginning.

You have to learn to access the Internet, download files, and use keyboarding skills in order to complete the course — these skills are invaluable as a scopist.

The Internet gives students lifetime access to other experienced scopists (via Facebook) who can answer questions and give guidance, as well as potential client reporters who can do the same.

Does the type of connection matter?

Yes, it matters.

Since reporters often want to send audio files (which are huge) to their scopist, we recommend that students have high-speed access if at all possible. It is possible to take the course with free Wi-Fi or a dial-up connection (do those even exist anymore?), but students will be much happier with the training if they don’t experience the frustration of waiting an eternity for pages to download over a slow connection.


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