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SECTION 4: Transcript Production

Teaches students how to ascertain reporters’ preferences and edit their work accordingly, zip and up/download files, and produce a high-quality transcript through use of computer software. Introduces multiple formats and teaches effective Internet research techniques. Includes quizzes, answer keys, and a final exam.

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SECTION 3: Medical Terminology

Based on the book A Court Reporter’s Guide to Medical Terminology by Nathaniel Weiss, which teaches the Latin root words for body parts, procedures, etc., greatly enhancing a scopist’s research capabilities. Practice reading steno outlines of medical terms and researching their spellings. Includes the textbook, quizzes and answer keys, and a final exam.

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SECTION 1: Punctuation and Word Use for Scopists

Based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Second Edition by Lillian Morson, this section keeps students from being overwhelmed with the copious punctuation rules by covering the most prominent rules and those most often broken. Students can later supplement with additional rules covered in Morson’s. Includes examples of each rule, quizzes and answer keys, […]

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SECTION 2: Notereading

Teaches students how to read machine shorthand, recognize common briefs, and decipher mistrans/untrans of steno notes. Incorporates StenEd and *realtime theories which equip students with the ability to work with all varieties of reporters. Contains 56 lessons with drills, quizzes, and answer keys, and a final exam.

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