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SECTION 1: Punctuation and Word Use for Scopists (Imported)

Based on Morson’s English Guide for Court Reporters, Second Edition by Lillian Morson, this section keeps students from being overwhelmed with the copious punctuation rules by covering the most prominent rules and those most often broken. Students can later supplement with additional rules covered in Morson’s. Includes examples of each rule, quizzes and answer keys, […]

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Vocabulary Building

Learning new words and their meanings to strengthen our vocabularies.

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Medical Terminology — Second Attempt

Second attempt at MT final exam (different test).

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Scoping Fundamentals™

This section is designed to give a fundamental base to students who are brand new to scoping.

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SECTION 7: The Successful Professional Scopist

Teaches students how to get and keep clients; how to research spellings; essential software; general computer usage. Covers all aspects of scoping included in the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Scopist Job Analysis (located on this web site), and encompasses every single tip I can think of to make you a success at your new […]

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SECTION 6: Practice Files

Access to a large database of actual files, written by a dozen or more different court reporters, on which students may practice their editing skills. Included within this unit are “answer key” files, or edited files, to which students may compare their work and see where they have made errors. This prevents students from repeating […]

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SECTION 5: CaseCatalyst 4+ Software Training

Provides in-depth training, shortcuts, tips for accuracy and speed, and advanced functions using Stenograph’s popular software. Students must have version 10 or higher to utilize all the functions described in the training. You may purchase the software directly from Stenograph prior to taking this section. (Updates will be added as new versions are released.) Includes […]

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